Picture 6

Obi Whal Kenobi and Anikan Skywhaler pictured above

Mainly protect other animals from Cthulu and other dangerous things such as clownfish.

Accpetance into the OrderEdit

First you must have a connection with your Inner Narwhal. To do this you must live for 60 days in a coral reef eating only kril. This will give you the ability to turn into a narwhal at will. The next step in the process of acceptance is gaining your TuskSaber. This is one of the more challenge aspects of gaining acceptance. To gain this ability you must defeat a polar bear. Completing these tasks will gain you access to the Temple. Here you will be instructed on how to use your newfound powers.


Inside the Temple you will learn of the Inner Circle of Narwhals also known as The Council. They are the leaders of the Jedi and are referred to as Master. They are the most powerful and most intellegent. You will do boring chores when you are a lower ranked narwhal but as your strength and intellect progress you will be given more meaningful tasks.