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Polar Bears 6

Polar bears are some of the fiercist opponets a grown male Narwhal can face in combat. While not as diverse as Narhwals, they are still very interesting Creatures.

Physical Edit


While not as strong as the typical narwhal, they still possess enough strength to break ice, eat a human, or hunt down trolls on forums. Capable of running at a speed of up to 34 miles per hour (54 kilometers per hour for all you damn foreigners) they are one of the fastest animals on the icy plains of there home demension. Also capable of breaking through ice and attacking creatures below makes them dangerous to even adult narwhals.



Much of the polar bear religion is a mystery. All that most know is of there pre-battle uniforms consisting on a red headband. More evidence of their religion is the coming of age "troll hunt." When a young polar bear warrior comes of age he is given a computer and 24 hours to track down the IP adress of every troll on that forum. Then later that week he is taken to where the troll resides and Buthcers them in the name of dethos.


The polar bear military is a very strict and diiciplined military. While Many lacking the kickass facial horns of narwhals they compensate by having superior technology, such as the laser guided polar bear as seen here:

also note the use of helicopters